There are some destinations of which I will never tire. Italy’s Tuscany and Umbria are two of them.  This may not be the kind of destination one would call a once-in-a-lifetime journey; not the kind of place one crosses off a bucket list and says, been there, done that. Once is simply not enough, at least for me. There is an undeniable charm in its stunning landscapes, rolling hills, miles of lush vineyards and ancient hill towns alive with a joie de vivre that casts an indelible spell. 

Travelling the countryside, rows of tall, stately cypress trees line laneways, separating golden vineyard after vineyard, while charming stone farmhouses dot the landscape. Fragrant lavender grows abundantly, swaying in the gentle breezes, its scent inviting a closer visit. This region is truly one of nature’s natural stress relievers. One day, hiking through a tiny village, we came upon massive bushes of lavender lining an old stone wall along the bumpy cobblestone road. The scent was intoxicating. I couldn’t resist breaking off a piece to sniff as I walked… 



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